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#220 Monday's MOC of the Week: DL-44

This week's MOC feature is a recreation of everyone's favourite smuggler's weapon of choice; the legendary DL-44. It was designed by Daryl Mark Ng, who is putting together instructions for the model. If you are interested in buying the instructions, contact him via his website:

This model uses around 500 pieces to create the classic shape of the heavy blaster pistol. Daryl has used the perfect parts to make up the different sections of the build, such the Technic 3x3 Disks for the barrel and bolt supply. Some details have also been worked into the build with an interesting use of wheel treads for the sights. The handle has also been crafted well with slopes so that it sits comfortably in your hand; the build is actually real life sized, which makes it even more impressive. I believe this handle has been attached to the main body of the pistol using hinges, as it is angled perfectly, and the build overall has very few gaps; something that is very hard to do well building shapes such as these. Finally, the model is finished off with a custom printed UCS stand and two versions of the Han Solo minifigure. You can also check out Daryl's Flickr for more Star Wars MOCs:


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