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#2206 FAVORITE BRICK FRIDAY: 18969 Balloon Panel

Panel 4 x 4 x 11 Curved Tapered with Clip at Each End (18969) is a perfect example of how elements can be used in ways they were not necessarily designed for – in this case hot air balloons. The official designers themselves have used it in unexpected ways, while MOC builders continue to push it to the limits. Share in the comments if you know or come up with other creative use for this element!

Featuring builds by Galaktek on Flickr, @exesandbox, @slick_brick_official, @eerookkonen, @tolerantaxe_97, @lego7_creation, @codyaverybuilds, @leonid_an_,, @cindybricks, Cindy Su on Flickr, @danielbrickson, @timofey_tkachev, @ted_andes, @afollygood, @dads_bricks, @mellegobuilder, @moc_town, @_luispg__, @jayfa_mocs, @djokbuilt, @djokbuilt, @frostbricks, and YOS Bricks on Flickr.


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