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#224 Favourite Brick Friday: 3873 Technic, Link Tread

As well as being useful for treads and fitting around gears, this week's favourite brick is the 3873 Technic, Link Tread and has a unique use: positioning plates into curves.

The inside of the tread allows it to connect loosely to gears for use in car and tank treads. This also lets you attach them to plates via the holes, which connect to the inner tubes of the plates. The treads can then be linked together, and a curved shape can be created, as seen in the picture.

Unfortunately, the connection is quite weak, but it is a hinge like no other as the plates are angled and positioned with no gaps. As seen in the MOC, it's great for curved shapes. It's also useful to have under your belt for tricky situations, as long as he curve you are trying to create is not too big because of the weak connection.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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