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#2244 YEAR IN REVIEW: T&B MOC of the Year 2023

The crowd has spoken. The winner of MOC of the Year 2023 is… the Chicken by Rickard Stensby! @stensbylego has created the most charming build that takes a common farm animal to new heights. We absolutely adore the chicken’s silly expression and playful shaping.

Our technique breakdown of the feather technique (post #2094) was one of our most popular posts this year. Give a big congratulations to @stensbylego and check out all of Rickard’s other amazing work!

Congratulations to @brickwyrm @farawaybricks @lego.joey @saladbricks @ransom_fern @Jayfa_MOCs @timofey_tkachev for also having their builds in the top 8!

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