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#227 Monday's MOC of the Week: Bedroom

This week's MOC is a stunning creation by Quy Chau, which depicts the very room he grew up in; it even has all his part storages! You can check out his post on Flickr here for more details and a comment from him about the build:

This build has so many details, but I suppose that's not too surprising considering the scale of the build and how the builder grew up in it! To get a sense of scale, try looking at the bin next to the desk; this is a 2x2 cylinder!

This large size allows him to include some many details such as the bed frame and light switch. The bright lime painted walls, as well as the selection of LEGO models created in microscale give the room a fun and bright atmosphere. My favourite parts of the build (and there are so many to choose from) are the flooring made from LEGO capes, the bookshelf crafted using SNOT techniques and the door which uses grill bricks to show the grain of the wood.

Make sure you check out the pictures attached to this post for views from different angles and even comparison of his real room and the LEGO version.

You can also check out Quy's Flickr for more equally good MOCs of furniture, rooms and buildings:


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