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#2282 FAVORITE BRICK FRIDAY: 98107 Hemisphere 11 x 11 (Star Wars planets)

Behold! Another episode of talented builders turning unlikely pieces into masterpieces! This week's favourite brick is not even a brick, but part of packaging for the Star Wars planet sets from 2012-2013!

Featuring builds by @zio_creation, Karf Oohlu on Flickr, @si_mocs, @palixa.and.the.bricks, @danielbrickson, EagleBrick on Rebrickable, @eichhorst_art, Tj_the_Brickwright on Rebrickable, @moc_town, felix.rebricks on Rebrickable, @drdoddo, @jaskierthebard, @widelego, and @0necase.


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