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#231 Favourite Brick Friday: 30104 Chain, 21 links

This week's favourite brick of the week is the 21 link chain. This piece is extremely flexible, and can be used to give details to MOC that static bricks cannot.

As well as being used in MOCs to give details as chains, they can also be used to create natural objects such as trees and tornados. This is because the chain can be wrapped around a structure of bricks and the irregular texture of the piece can be utilized. As seen in the photo, an inner structure of clips can be used to make a tornado. The tree has been made with a structure from rods and technic linkers. The chains are also useful in this application because the open studs at each end can attach to normal studs, or connect to rods.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}

Tree by Tim Schwalfenberg:


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