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#232 SET ANALYSIS : Tantive IV

Today we will be analysing the set 10198 Tantive IV from 2009. The set retailed for £122.99/$149.99 and recreated the famous ship from the start of the very first Star Wars film. Lets analyse the techniques used to create the rebel blockade runner:

1. Technic - used to give the model structure and to attach engine pods by a strong connection

2. Interior - removable sections reveal space for all minifigures, and detailed with printed screens and desk made using SNOT

3. Greebling - parts such as levers and clips used on the ship's exterior to show working parts and add detail

4. Hinges - used throughout the build to create the various shapes and angles of the ship

5. Weapons - bars/rods used to show turrets

6. Engines - wheel elements and transparent yellow piece used to create circular and glowing engines

Here is the set on Brickset: Check out a speed build of the set to see the techniques:


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