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#2326 THEME TRIBUTE: The Simpsons (2014-2015, 2018)

LEGO Simpsons is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, so let's head back to the town of Springfield! Today we'll be looking back at the sets produced by LEGO, and looking at MOCs created by fans of everyone's favourite misfunctional family! Grab a Buzz cola, sit back and read on!

Featured builds by:

@legomonkey on Flickr

@7kyubi7 on Flickr

@pepa_quin on Flickr

@Gabriele Zannotti on Flickr

@Adeel Zubair on Flickr

@Zheka Danilov on Flickr

@bear-mocs on LEGO Ideas

@SuckMyBrick on Flickr

@Rokan Cheung on Flickr

@FastBrickStudios on LEGO Ideas

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