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#233 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Building upside down

It's Sunday, so today I will be showcasing 6 techniques for building upside down. These all allow you to build in different directions for whatever reason; to create a particular shape or something else entirely.

The pictures show 6 different techniques, all which can be made stronger by using multiple of the same pieces:

1. Technic - very strong but creates small gap

2. Headlight - reliable but uses lots of bricks

3. Hinge brick - strong and good for columns

4. Donut - small and compact, perfect for interiors

5. Rail - strong but needs 4 stud width to use

6. Finger joint - simple and easy, unlike the other hinges only 1 plate difference between layers

So which one is your favourite? Comment yours and why you like it, and if you have any designs of your own or ones that you have found, please share those as well.

Some of these were found at Swooshable, follow this link for a huge collection of techniques for building upside down:


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