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#2337 MOC OF THE WEEK: Super Smash Bros Characters


#2343 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Super Smash Bros Characters  The image shows a Super Smash Bros character select screen - only all of the characters are made of LEGO! Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Camus, Ice Climbers, Captain Falcon, Fox, Falco, Ness, Zelda, Link, Roy, Mr. Game and Watch, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Mewtwo are all on screen.  Swipe if you're READY TO FIGHT!

BRICK 101 on Flickr builds Mario, Luigi, and Bowser at a playful scale, with hinge plates for noses!  The image shows brick built Mario, Luigi, and Bowser. They are all made to scale with each other. Mario is roughly 7 bricks tall. Clever parts use includes a hat feather for Bowser's hair.  Clever SNOT work for Luigi's body positions yellow 1x1 tiles sideways as the buttons in his overalls.

This image depicts Mr. Game and Watch and Donkey Kong made by Logan W. on Flickr and show masterful NPU!  This includes the helmet part 2446 and the homemaker hat part bb0015 for Game and Watch's head. For Donkey Kong, a tan banana from the 2005 Hungarian Horntail set frames his brow bone. His tie is made of a minifigure cape part 28907 and a flipper part 2599a.

This image depicts Zelda and Link made by Shipmaster on Flickr. They are roughly miniland scale. Clips articulate Link's cap, and metallic gold quarter tiles detail the triforce emblem! Other NPU includes the bucket handle part 95344 as the collar of Zelda's dress.

The left image depicts Pikachu by Fredoichi on Flickr, which uses stickers for the finer face details. Pikachu has an adorable open mouthed expression. Pikachu's leg's use a 1x2 plate with 3 teeth part 4265b.  The right image shows Mewtwo by @_brickmill_ which uses clips to articulate Mewtwo's tail. Funnily enough, it is the same technique as Link's cap from the last slide. Mewtwo is highly posable with lots of joints, and uses a white light part 58176 for fingers.

This slide depicts our round pink friends Jigglypuff and Kirby!  The Brickheadz style works great for Jigglypuff built by user petucoldersing on Reddit. Jiggly's keeps with the traditional brickheadz shape and eyes but is downsized to scale better.  Kirby by @_brickmill_ has updated their fantastic design since the Technique Discussion post we made on Kirby last year! He uses the 3 by 3 by 2 Dome Top in bright pink to achieve a smooth studless surface.  Check out post #2145 for all things Kirby!

@pino_creations has an entire roster of incredible Smash Bros figures that you must check out!  This slide shows builds for Roy and Ice Climbers. Roy is about 7 to 8 bricks high, and the ice climbers are about 4 to 5 bricks high each.   Ample ball joints make these figures highly posable! Roy has his legs bent and is holding his sword, and the ice climbers are swinging themselves on a rope while holding their hammers.

Top image shows Captain Falcon by . Captain Falcon is striking his signature pose on his knees with his arms splayed out. We love how white quarter tiles are angled to form Captain Falcon's eyes.  Bottom image shows Samus by Benjamin Anderson on Flickr. Samus is standing on a grated base, with a lunge pose and her gun pointed towards the camera. Parts x164 and 15070, a red helmet, and 1 by 1 plate with tooth, are used for Samus's head.  Both of these builds knock it out of the park with both possibility and NPU!

This slide shows a brick built Ness. Ness's scale is a bit larger than the rest of the builds shown in this post. He is around 10 bricks high. He is posed with his hand in the air, pointing his bat towards the sky with an open mouth expression.  Ness's face is built with studs not on top, with a gap between the bricks to resemble his mouth!

And finally, these mini builds by Tracy Bowersox on Flickr depict Falco and Fox.  These builds are at a much smaller scale than the rest of the builds in this post. They are each around 4 to 5 bricks tall.  Both builds expertly use minifigure arms in reverse, both as their own arms and as Fox's tail. Falco's beak is also made of a yellow minifigure hand.  Which LEGO Smash Bros build would you main? Lt us know in the comments!


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