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#234 Monday's MOC of the Week: The Ghost UCS

This week's MOC feature is The Ghost UCS, a ship shown in the television series Star Wars Rebels, and collaborated on by the youtubers from Brick-Customs and Brick Vault. If you are interested in buying the instructions, follow this link to their website:

This colourful transport, made with just over 11,500 pieces has a removable interior that shows rooms such as crew quarters, cockpit, front cargo bay and swivel turret. The build is minifigure scale and comes in at even bigger than the UCS Millennium Falcon! It is also complete with detailed engines and a docking station for the Phantom, a smaller starship that according to the designers is coming soon.

To support the weight of this amount of bricks, a strong technic frame is used. As well as this, the empty space not taken up by the interior houses the technique used, which I assume is a mixture of technic and hinges to achieve the shape and angles. Wedge plates have also been used, which sit flush next to each other, and show very little holes or gaps on the exterior of the ship.

It truly is a phenomenal build, complete in every way. You can also check out their YouTube video for an in-depth look at the interior as well as an explanation of the building process:


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