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#2341 MOC OF THE WEEK: Gnome Hut by @mrmaxxwell


#2341 MOC OF THE WEEK: Gnome hut by @mrmaxxwell Pictured is a quaint gnome hut. It features circular white walls with medium nougat detailing, dark blue roofing and a spire, gold detailing atop the spire, and a blue chimney. Brick built gnomes and two pink flowers surround the base.  This build for Iron Forge makes use of LEGO cup pieces 20 times! Can you find them all? Answers on the next slides!

This cute little structure looks unassuming at first, until you realise it’s built around a giant LEGO mug! This incredible build by @mrmaxxwell makes use of 20 LEGO cup pieces throughout its build for an Iron Forge challenge. In today's MOC of the week post, we point out all the cup part usages, and other interesting pieces and techniques used in the build! Makes sure to check out @mrmaxxwell here and on Flickr to see his other incredible builds!

The most obvious cup parts usage is the human scale minifigure mug used in the blue chimney! Both roof sections are simply balanced on the base and handle of the large-scale mug, there isn't any official LEGO connections on it unfortunately.  Although being a real-life mug, it’s still listed on Bricklink with its own part number!

9 minifigure goblets are used in the hut’s construction, 8 in dark orange stacked for columns in the walls, and a pearl gold one to top one of the spires. An inverted dome was originally used as dragon eggs in LEGO Elves and was recently recoloured to dark blue in 2024. It is used atop the chimney.

The gnome inhabitants of the house make use of a simple but effective construction. Using Minecraft Shulker eyes for the face, and a red mug for the hat! Also, coffee are cups used as window awnings!

The 20th and final cup used is a trophy cup! It used for the weathervane on the peak of the roof.  A large Technic ring is used for the grass at the base of the hut.

This build was built for the Iron Forge competition, where the seed part was LEGO cup pieces! Check out some of @mrmaxxwell’s other entries to Iron Forge, with seed parts including space helmets and frog pieces! Pictures are the following scenes: an easter scene with a hedgehog and a bunny, a frog using helmets as fingers, a board fo sushi, and a ballerina.


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