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#2346 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Ballista Tower by @corvus_auriac

Any successful medieval kingdom needed a strong defense from its enemies! That’s where fortifications like today’s Ballista Tower come in! Built by @corvus_auriac , this MOC features great techniques and NPU! This build will be submitted to the Bricklink Designer Program Series 5, so be sure to vote and help it get made into a real set!

#2346 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Ballista Tower by @corvus_auriac This Ballista Tower is a wonderful build – full of details to explore! Let’s check it out! Two images: one of the entire medieval ballista tower in grey, topped with a ballista. The second image is a closeup of the ballista on top of the tower. SWIPE FOR MORE!

Display: This MOC was submitted for consideration during the Series 4 Bricklink Designer Program. In addition to its stunning appearance, each level can be removed for easy access. Image is the grey tower covered in green vines. The brown balcony and horse stable is visible.

An angled image of the ballista tower. Bartizan towers are visible, brown balcony hidden. Horse stable clearly visible. To break the mold on defense towers, the builder wanted to deviate from square designs and add unique elements. This was achieved by including a horse stable, balconies and several bartizans! Arrow pointing to a bartizan on the top of the tower says “Check out that Bartizan”. Highlighted closeup picture of a bartizan from Belém Tower, in Lisbon, Portugal. Photo courtesy: A horse in its stable is highlighted. Part 2682, a fern in dark green, is pointed out. Vines and foliage climb the tower and add a nice splash of color!

Bartizan: Brackets and SNOT bricks are used extensively to achieve the rounded bartizan shape! A bar attached to clips holds the corner together. Two schematics are shown: the first with three parts in black: an inverted bracket part 99207, a clip part 61252, and bracket part 44728. The second photo highlights inverted bracket part 36840, bracket part 99781, and two rounded corner parts: 1871 and 65617. All parts from the second schematic are in light bluish grey. Photos courtesy of the builder.

NPU: Creative NPU of frogs and snakes add fun details to the build! Handcuffs offer added texture. Two images are shown. The first is the top half of the tower with several parts in focus. The first part is 33320, a frog in reddish brown used as decoration. The second is 28588, a snake head, in dark green as part of the vines. And part 61482, handcuffs, in light bluish grey for wall texture. The second image is the lower half of the tower with the horse stable highlighted. Three parts are pointed out. The first is part 19807a, a throwing star in metallic silver, above the stable. Parts 11402g, a wrench, and 11402h, both in metallic silver, are used for door components. Can you find all the tools?

Ballista: To aid in regional defense, a ballista tops the tower - giving the build its name! The image is the top of the tower with the ballista in focus. Three minifigures operate the ballista. Two parts are highlighted: a brown spotted owl, part 92084pb01, perched on a ledge. The perch is made of a minifigure ice skate, part 93555 in silver. A schematic shows the assembly of the ballista itself. Several parts are mentioned, including part 93789 – a spear – in metallic silver, and part 40379 – a dino tail – in reddish brown. A ballista can sping a full 360°! A key trait for defense!

Interior: The third floor is the only one with space for a full interior. But, the tower was designed so any LEGO fan can easily additional levels! The top photo is of the swing-away wall for interior access fully opened! The bottom left photo show the individual mini-builds that comprise the interior. They include a desk, stool, barrel, armor, and a shelf. A schematic shows several parts that comprise the stool: part 4150 in dark blue, two part 35480 – a rounded 1x2 plate – in reddish brown, and four of part 53451 – a small tooth – in reddish brown. A photo of each level of the tower, taken apart, showing their modularity. Photos courtesy of the builder.

This slide shows the great creativity used to make the flag on the flag pole and the detail on the tower walls. The first photo is of the flag pole atop the highest bartizan. Five parts make up the flag pole and red flag. First, part 11402a – a screw drive – in metallic silver is shown. Then, the four parts of the red flag itself are shown: part 18395, clip part 11090, stud and bar part 32828, and wave part 44740. They come together to show a waving flag. The second photo is a closeup of the vines wrapping the tower. Part 99563 – an ingot – in light bluish grey, and part 49668 – a modified 1x1 brick – in light bluish grey, are pointed out. SNOT bricks capped with ingots, masonry bricks, and round tiles all work together to give the wall great greebling and texture!

If you enjoyed this MOC, be sure to follow Corvus and check out these builds! Instagram:@corvus_auriac Flickr: Corvus Auriac MOCs There are seven photos of different brick-built MOCs all from the same builder as the ballista tower, including from left to right: 1. 	Pennywise the Clown holding a red balloon 2. 	The throne from Game of Thrones 3. 	A black convertible car with a white stripe 4. 	A sand timer in reddish brown 5. 	A miniature Titanic 6. 	A miniature Roman colosseum 7. 	A mimic chest from Dungeons & Dragons


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