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#2348 SET REVEAL: 66401 The Dark Child


This much-anticipated Star Wars/Marvel crossover product is full of exciting highlights and ingenious features. Join us as we take an exclusive first look at The Dark Child, or Venomized Grogu!

Hungry and poisoned, poor Yoda’s alien plague really is Lucasfilm’s first officially outlandish LEGO.  Swipe discreetly, as younger fans recoil on meeting this abominable build! We unpack this unique crossover! (Image of 66401 The Dark Child, a Venomized version of Grogu from The Mandalorian).

Venomizing Trend? LEGO first “Venomized” Guardians of The Galaxy’s Baby Groot with last year’s Venomized Groot, a highly articulated figure that could recreate various poses just like the original set that it was based on. (images of 76217 I Am Groot and 76249 Venomized Groot) In comparison, The Dark Child is a relatively static display, although the ears, head, lower jaw, hand, and tentacles are all slightly adjustable.  (Images of 75318 The Child and 66401 The Dark Child).

Crossover to the Dark Side. Ever since Disney acquired the rights to Marvel (2009) and Star Wars (2012), fans have been waiting for the two galaxies to collide. Thanks to the new Star Wars What If…? series, The Dark Child is here!  Character details: Grogu is bitten by a radioactive spider, then possessed by an alien symbiote, causing him to turn to the dark side of the Force, resulting in The Dark Child, a being of indescribable power, evil, and cuteness. Star Wars’ The Child (2019) + Marvel’s Venom (2018) = What If’s The Dark Child (2024) with images.

Grogu’s True Power. This set depicts the moment that Grogu first unleashes his combined dark side of the force/Venom powers. His torn robe and mutating arm are accurate, but we wish that LEGO had included his Force lightning as well.  (Image of the set with the following callouts: ears formed using Technic panels, head attached with 1/4” screw, light gray and dark azure color scheme, articulated heel and toes, expression indicates hatred for the Jedi and Spider-Man, can be motorized for Double Dutch, trans clear bar for drool!) Instead of stacking plates to create the robes, new elements simplify the building experience.  (Image of large robe shaped LEGO element x 4).

Display Value. The set does a remarkable job of capturing The Dark Child’s thirst for dominance over all living creatures as well as his hunger for the unfertilized eggs of Frog People.  It would make a handsome addition to any LEGO display and practically begs to be picked up and hugged! Note that the set also emits the unmistakable vibe of true peril and doom. (Image of a child playing with 66401 The Dark Child and images of the set from different angles).

An Educational Tool. As part of its May the Fourth initiative, LEGO Education will feature The Dark Child in classrooms across the country to help educate children about parasitic organisms, invasive species, and giving in to one’s anger and hatred. We applaud this effort to bring Star Wars to a wider audience.  (Image of 66401 The Dark Child on a book in front of a delighted child).


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