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#2354 TIPS: Brickset Features

Today’s post dives into one of the most useful LEGO sites out there –! Used by official LEGO designers and LEGO fans alike, Brickset offers a wide variety of features for everyone with a LEGO collection. Organize your set collection all within the site, view your minifigures broken down into categories, search for new and retired sets, query for specific searches, find deals on LEGO bricks, get your next favourite computer background, and more! Making an account on Brickset is an invaluable addition to your daily LEGO activities.

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Brickset Features Easily organise and track your collection! Find official LEGO wallpapers from your favourite themes! Discover which designers built your favourite sets! Find the best LEGO deals in your country! And much more! Swipe to see an overview of Brickset’s features!

You can search for any LEGO set on Brickset’s site – filter by theme, subtheme, year released, and set numbers to find what you are looking for.  Find news and set reviews on current topics! Find set details, like retail price, price per part, and more.  See how many Brickset users own the set

Site Member Features: After becoming a site member, you can catalogue your LEGO collection based on owned sets, wanted sets, part count, minifigure count, wanted minifigures, and more.  Mark the sets and minifigures that you own/want. View your owned LEGO by sorting the site by “OWNED”

Site Member Features (continued): Once you’ve marked the sets you own, click on ‘Collection Analysis’ to see an analysis of your sets by either year or theme!

LEGO Purchasing Features: Find a repository of sets available and on sale from LEGO, Amazon, and Bricklink, and compare prices across platforms.  Use in-site eBay search tools to browse all eBay sites for your desired LEGO set, and view price comparisons for Amazon in your region! Check out official Brickset merchandise!

Forum Features: Brickset’s forum is akin to the forum on Bricklink, yet it much more appealing to the eye, being clearly organized under headings and in different sections. Make a new account to use the forum – it is different from the regular site! Find information on current sets and new releases under the Articles heading, and dive into the conversation under many more categories.

Site Queries Features: Site queries are a useful feature to find EXACTLY what you are looking for.  Featured queries can do just what you need, without the work! Different than a regular site search, a site query narrows down your search to a specific set of requirements and categories, whether it be part price, colour availability, year, or more

Site Wallpaper Features: Find hundreds of Wallpaper options on Brickset’s site! From favourites like Star Wars and Creator to forgotten gems like LEGO Universe and Exo Force, Brickset has a background for EVERY LEGO fan. Each background is an official LEGO product, and wallpapers span themes from the 1990s until now! Most backgrounds come with official LEGO theme logos!

Library Features: Find library archives of LEGO advertising from the 1970s-2000, scans of UK LEGO Club magazine Bricks and Pieces, official LEGO catalogue scans, scans of Ideas books, scans of the Canadian LEGO Club magazine Innovations,  scans of miscellaneous paperwork, scans of programs from LEGO World Shows, and Brickset site archives! In addition to the array of wallpapers, the Brickset Library is chock-full of LEGO materials.  Find entire documents detailing instructions and old sets!

Bonus Site Features: LEGO set designers use Brickset to keep track of the sets they have designed – and those lists are public! Search Brickset’s Featured Bricklists to find each designer’s catalogue.  Brickset’s random set browser randomly generates five different sets (mostly for amusement).  Discover old sets or a new favourite!


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