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#237 TECHNIQUES - Ball joint decagon

Today's technique is by Peter Hoh and utilizes ball joints (specifically the 14419 variant) to create a decagon.

It is incredibly strong, and is reinforced with layers of plates, making it suitable for roofs or other conical shapes. The skeleton is very simple to make, and is excellent for adding plates such as wedge plates as they can be used to cover the gaps, and layers of these plates can look very effective.

However, because all of the pieces are at angles, it is hard to connect it to the rest of the MOC, but not impossible. The decagon could just rest on the building if it's used as a roof, and allow for easy removal and no hassle trying to attach it. If you were using it, say for an engine (so it was at an angle and needed to be attached by a strong connection), you could try attaching the sides to the rest of the MOC using the hinge bricks shown in the picture.

Check out Peter's Flickr post here:


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