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#238 Favourite Brick Friday: 983 Hand

This week's favourite brick of the week is the minifigure hand, which is mainly used for minifigures and has stayed the same piece since 1978. At first glance, this piece may seem to be not very useful in MOCs at all, however in certain scenarios it can be very useful for adding details.

The minifigure hand can grip onto bars/rods, and this allows it to attach to make small angled bars, or even handlebars on a bike. They can also be used to give details on trees, as they are so thin they look good as the roots.

Minifigure hands also play a minor role in some mech MOCs; they are often used for the mech's hands, as they are angled are look accurate in relation to size.

Finally, the minifigure hands can be used for roofs of buildings. This is because the hand can be attached to the reverse side of plates (see picture) and then the thin part of the hand is shown. When multiple are used, a unique texture is created, suggesting a straw/thatched roof.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:,%20Body%20Part%5D#T=S&O={"iconly":0}


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