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#2380 FAVORITE BRICK FRIDAY: 4592: Antenna Small Base (without lever)

We all have certain parts that we might consider “useless,” but the AFOL community is here to show that no part is beyond creative use! Let’s look at one of the most obscure parts - 4592: Antenna Small Base WITHOUT the lever!

Featured Builders:



Carter Whiz on Flickr

Cade Roster on Flickr


Slide 1 Tips&Bricks post 2380, Favorite Brick Friday. Part 4592: Antenna Small Base (without lever). Image includes the build of a dragon, army robots, serene tree, and sheep all featuring the antenna base.  Never underestimate a “useless” part. Even an antenna base can have an NPU glow up!

History of the Antenna Base. In 1985 LEGO first introduced the small antenna base in three colors: Blue, Light Gray, and Black. The first appearance was in a classic space set. The next year included the white antenna base. In 1988, yellow joined the team. And with the addition of the red antenna base in 1990, collectively black, white, yellow, and red have made 875 set appearances to date! In 2001 the tan antenna base debuted only one time in one star wars set (and has never been seen since). Sand Green appeared only 3 times in 2004. And finally Light Bluish Gray debuts in 2004. It’s been twenty years since the antenna base has had a new color - what should be next?

Snow Drops. We’ve seen many parts used for snow, but here turning the base upside down creates delicate snow drops sitting on a plat stem. Image of white antenna base is attached to the tip of an olive colored stem. The brown tree has purple leaves and is dripping with snow. Build by Carter Witz.

Dragon Eyes. Builder @lego_popo said “The proudest part of my series are the dragon’s eyes (4592). The piece makes the perfect shapes and gives the dragons great vitality.” See post 1948 for a more thorough breakdown of these incredible dragons by @lego_popo! Builds include multiple dragons from How To Train Your Dragons, with the antenna base forming eyes.

Sheep Heads. These micro-sheep use just 3 parts! The antenna is turned to create an open mouth for the sheet. A headlight SNOT brick forms the body, with a 1x1 round plate for the feet. Build by Cade Roster.

Here @grantmasters uses the antenna base for ominous clouds and robot heads! It’s a bit hard to see the antenna base in the dark clouds, as it is black-on-black.

It’s the tiniest details that make the biggest difference! @peedeejay_lego uses the antenna base to hold up the glass partition in the post office. Can you spot the TNT in the back? Do you feel inspired to use the antenna base? What other uses can you think of? Tell us!


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