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#2386 MOC OF THE WEEK: Kung Fu Panda by @bricksized

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Everybody was kung fu fighting! Those bricks were fast as lightning! @bricksized has mastered the art of kung fu with these incredible builds of Po and the Furious Five. Which technique is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

#2386 MOC OF THE WEEK: Kung Fu Panda by @bricksized Everybody was kung fu fighting! Those bricks were fast as lightning! The Furious Five and Po from the Kung Fu Panda franchise are standing in fabulous brick built form. They all strike poses like they are ready for combat. Po says “Skadoosh.” Swipe to meet Po and the Furious Five!

Master Po Ping is pictured with a staff and a had shading his face. He balanced delicately on one leg. Po says “Your real strength comes from being the best you can be. So who are you? What are you good at? What do you love? What makes you, you?” Poe is a masterclass in unique part connections and NPU - check them out on the next slide!

A ninja bandana, part 15619, loosely sits between the two arm segments as Po’s “elbow.” Po’s body is formed with a belt wheel, part 2815, that is clipped to a SNOT brick and attached to a 4x4 cylinder, part 41531.

Master Monkey soars through the air on transparent bars with his hands flying at his side. Monkey says “If you beat me, I will go. If not, then it is you who must leave - without your pants!” Monkey has unique connections on the face with a roller skate, part 11253, and a sausage, part 33078!

Master Viper is small but mighty with her green and yellow color scheme. Viper says “I don’t need to bite to fight!” All of these character builds use ample angled bars, part 65578, but Viper uses 8 for her body! Her face has a brilliant use of the cherry piece, part 22667, which is pulled apart and held in place between a tooth plate and an angled bar!

Master Mantis poses… using only one part - the stem piece 19119. Despite the intricate techniques used with every other character, Mantis may be our favorite. There is such charm with a one piece build! Mantis says “Who am I to judge a warrior based on his size? I mean… look at me!”

Master Crane has one leg on the ground and one straight up in the air, with wings flapping at either side. Crane aptly says “Stop flapping your mouth and start flapping your wings.” The subtle detailing on Master Crane is superb, down to using a plate with bar handle, part 25893, to slightly angle the hat. Part 24482 is also cleverly used for the beak.

Master Tigress is composed and controlled, saying “How’s that for a little kitten?” This fighter has NPU galore - a leaf, part 32607, and life jacket, part 38781, for her hands, and a life preserver, part 30340, to form her head and mouth!

Did you know that the Furious Five are based off of the five animal forms of Kung Fu? Po says “The Furious Five! You're so much bigger than your action figures! Except you, Mantis. You're about the same.” Follow @bricksized for more incredible builds, including a larger scale Po!


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