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#2389 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Confrontation on Krant by @choopyjups

In his “Confrontation on Krant” MOC, @choopyjups takes us to the forest planet of Krant where a young Padawan is about to face the Fifth Brother. In this post, we will look at some of the techniques used by the builder to make this vignette so moody and realistic.

#2389 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Confrontation on Krant by @choopyjups  This build depicts a scene from the Star Wars universe. Set in a forest location, with tall trees, lush vegetation and a flowing river, a Jedi padawan faces down 3 imperial scout troopers and the menacing Fifth Brother.

These include tree building techniques with realistic lighting effects in the canopy, multiple rock building techniques and a highly creative take on the lightsabers.

Featuring a MOC by @choopyjups:

The tree trunks are very intricate and use parts such as stud shooter and minifigure hands. Flexible hoses bind the trunks together and minifigure hands hold other parts.

Some of the leaves parts are held by interlocking them with others. Lighter coloured leaves are layered behind darker ones, which creates a realistic backlit forest effect.

The highlight of the build is the creative use of minifigure hands to create more realistic lightsabers. The lightsaber actually is white with a coloured glow, so the minifigure hands in blue and red clip onto white 4 stud long bars.

When creating rocks, three ways to create realism are to use a) studs not on top, b) off grid building and c) unanchored elements. For Studs Not On Top building, this allows you to position bricks at different angles, such as making the most of the texture of masonry bricks. For off grid elements, a slope brick is angled with a jumper. For unanchored or loose elements, these are position around the edge of the MOC as loose parts which add to the natural irregular feel.

The final slide parts out three parts uses, a wand sprue as a fallen branch, a lime snake as foilage and a minifigure leg as a rock.

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Some examples of these methods include a creative spin on lightsabers, several approaches to producing rocks, and a method for creating trees with realistic lighting effects in the canopy. dordle

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