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#2393 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Very Old Friends by Eero Okkonen on Flickr

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#2393 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Very Old Friends by Eero Okkonen on Flickr Our week of Lord of the Rings content continues with a MOC that arrived precisely when it meant to! A vignette about 20 studs wide depicts the exterior of Bag End, Bilbo Baggins’s hobbit-hole. Green grass, LEGO flowers, and brick-built sunflowers frame a bench and sit in front of the tan walls, which feature a round window. Green grass hangs from the roof and brick-built Bilbo and Gandalf sit on the bench smoking pipes. Swipe to see the magic of this incredible build!

We’re headed right back to Middle-earth with this beautiful build by @eerookkonen . A peaceful scene comes to life with brick-built characters, some handy flowers, and a DUPLO piece that fulfilled the requirements of an Iron Forge competition. Take a seat on Bilbo’s bench and reminisce about this amazing build with us!

An Iron Builder faceoff between @eerookkonen and @jonaskramm required use of the uncommon DUPLO Fire / Grass / Ice part 31168. The part appears to be four studs long by one stud wide and rises about four studs high with spikes that somewhat resemble grass. Produced in four colors (two greens ,white, and orange)and last seen in 2014, this part was only ever used in DUPLO sets. However, these two builders used the part in unbelievably inventive ways!  @eerookkonen on Instagram has a brick-built hospital scene, with a dark bluish gray Both builders even found ways to use the bottom of the part! @jonaskramm The side of the grass becomes melting wax!

LEGO flowers – both old and new – complement the grass element to bring the Shire to life! In this scene of Gandalf and Bilbo reuniting, @eerookkonen used the piece to represent grass, even on the “roof” of Bag End! The top of the build places the DUPLO piece upside down. The structure is attached by using bar and clip connections, which create an organic grassy roof similar to Bilbo’s famous hobbit-hole. DUPLO fits on top of LEGO studs, allowing the two systems to work together.

Slightly spacing tiles creates a more natural look, especially for a wooden bench like the one in this scene. Jumper plates or headlight bricks are two popular ways to space tiles! 6256 Minifigure hands are a brilliant way to create the petals of a sunflower! 2654

Droid arms and flex tubing echo the round windows of Bag End. You can also find these droid arms in Gandalf’s beard! Hinge plates become an elbow! The brick-built renditions of Bilbo and Gandalf are the true stars of this scene! Bilbo’s face is only two studs wide, making each element important. Slightly angling the gray plates on top creates realistic curls in Bilbo’s hair!  A reddish brown tile for Bilbo’s hairy feet is a perfect touch! 1 x 1 modified plates make great hands for characters! Two distinct types of plates allow Bilbo’s hands to have different poses. A palm tree trunk works surprisingly well for a hobbit leg!

Hair is made with tiles, modified plates, and droid arms. We loved the eyebrows! Though Gandalf’s beard, robes, and hat share a very similar color palette, @eerookkonen adds depth and structure with creative parts usage. Each character boasts a unique pipe design! When building at this scale, minifig accessories can add some much- needed detail! Gandalf’s robe is made with slopes, bows, and wedges. The mismatched angles resemble folds in the fabric.

If this post put you in a mood to travel to Middle-earth, be sure to come back to Tips & Bricks for more Lord of the Rings content this week, including part two of the Barad-Dûr review! Follow @eerookkonen on Instagram or Eero Okkonen on Flickr for more incredible builds! You can even see our breakdowns of some of their fantastic creations in posts #1799, #2023, or #2091!


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