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It's Sunday, so today I will be showcasing 6 techniques for walls. These could be used in castles or other buildings, and use some interesting techniques and pieces.

1. Intricate design - this wall uses specialist pieces, antlers in this example, to create unique shapes inside the brick wall.

2. Damaged - this uses bars/rods to show the inside of a broken wall. The rods are connected using open studs and SNOT bricks, to position them at vertical and horizontal angles.

3. Spaced out 1x2 tiles - 1x2 tiles are attached to bars/rods and positioned with a small gap from each other.

4. Indents and protrusions - this uses pieces to create juts and protrusions in the wall, to create an interesting texture. Some parts of the wall are also removed to show a different colour behind.

5. Offset - tiles and 1x2 offset plates are placed at different points to create protrusions and a texture

6. Classic brick - 1x2 tiles are positioned using SNOT bricks to create gaps between them.

So which one is your favourite? Comment yours and why you like it, and if you have any designs of your own or ones that you have found, please share those as well.


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