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#2401 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Dragon by @Marius Herrmann on Flickr

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Looking to learn about how to create a cute chibi MOC? Check out this adorable dragon MOC by Marius Herrmann, and how clever design usage and colour theory can play into your own cartoony MOCs!

Tips&Bricks logo. #2401 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Dragon by @Marius Herrmann on Flickr  We’re a few months into the Year of the Dragon, but this adorable dragon makes for a blazing cartoony MOC!  Image shows a cute red and coral chibi dragon MOC, with large eyes, golden horns, and a long red tail, sitting on a pile of golden coins.   Make that two dragons! Smaller images show a second dragon MOC, with the same build but using an orange and tan colour scheme.

Image shows a close up of the head of the dragon, with large eyes, golden horns and white whiskers. The large size of the dragon’s eyes and head add to its cartoony chibi look! The MOC is full of clever part usage! These frogs (33320) structure the head shape above the eyeline!  Arrow points to a Frog, part 33320, on the build. Arrow points to Minifigure, Plume Feather Ponytail, part 22411. Arrow points to Dragon Tail / Horn Section Stepped, part 2142. Arrow points to Plate, Round 1 x 1 with Flower Edge (5 Petals), part 24866. Arrow points to Plant Stem, Curved with Bar, Thorns, and Swirls, part 28870. Arrow points to Plant Plate, Round 1 x 1 with 3 Leaves, part 32607. The leaves piece (32607) appears in multiple colours across the build!

Image shows the body of the dragon, focused on the main body, arms and upper legs.   Arrow points to Minifigure, Headgear Helmet Round Fishbowl, part 51283.   Arrow points to Arm Giant, Right, part 10124. The dragon’s arms use red big fig arms – with a small claw build for the hands! These red arms only came with one big fig: Red Hulk in 2017! Image shows the big fig Red Hulk, a red version of the Hulk.   Arrow points to Wedge 3 x 2 Left No Studs, part 80177. Arrow points to Slope, Curved 3 x 3 Corner Round, part 76797. The builds uses a SNOT technique with slopes and curved bricks to define the outline of the body!

Image shows the back build of the dragon, with a set of Dark Turquoise running down the back and down to the tail. The Dark Turquoise spikes run down the back of the dragon! The cool colour really stands out against the warm colour scheme! Arrow points to Tile, Modified 1 x 2 with 2 Teeth Vertical, part 15209.   Various hinges (3937) and plates (6134) achieve the natural curves along the spine, leading perfectly into the tail spikes! Arrow points to Hinge Brick 2 x 2 Top Plate, part 6134, on the back of the dragon, showing how the curve is formed by using the part multiple times  Arrow points to Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with 3 Teeth, part 15208.

Images show the lower body of the dragon, with the legs standing on a pile of golden coins.   Arrow points to Arm Giant, Left, part 10154. The leg build also uses a big fig arm but uses the opposite side’s arm to have the legs point backwards!  Arrows point to Tile, Modified 2 x 2 with Pin, part 2460, on the dragon’s leg and foot. The leg attaches to the foot using a modified 2x2 tile with a pin (2460)!  Arrow points to Tile, Round 2 x 2 with Bottom Stud Holder with Dark Orange Shapes (Coin) Pattern, part 14769pb572. The coin print (14769pb572) was first introduced in 2023 in the Lunar New Year sets!

Image shows the tail of the dragon MOC, which uses a variety of pieces and has a flowing curve in the shape thanks to the design of each part. The dragon tail uses a great variety of pieces to create a sleek twisting shape!  A variety of parts are used in the tail’s build. Arrow points to Brick, Round 2 x 2 D. 45 degrees Elbow (25.5mm Standing Height), part 65473. Arrow points to Arm Giant, Left, part 10154. Arrow points to Elephant Tail / Trunk with Bar End - Long Straight Tip, part 80497. Arrow points to Wave Rounded Curved Single with Bar End and Triangular Base (Flame), part 18395.  Arrow points to Wave Rounded Curved Wing with Bar End (Flame) with Marbled Trans-Yellow Pattern, part 18394pb01. The curved flame first released in 2015 in the Legends of Chima theme – the curved shapes perfectly encapsulates the flame in the centre!

Image shows a second version of the dragon MOC, with the same build but using an orange and tan colour scheme. Marius created two versions of the MOC! The build is the same, but this design uses an orange and tan colour scheme!  Arrow points to Wave Rounded Curved Wing with Bar End (Flame) with Marbled Trans-Dark Pink Pattern, part 18394pb04. Exclusive to Elves set 41192-1!  Arrow points to an orange Arm Giant, Left, part 10154. Exclusive to Ninjago set 70604-1!  Arrow points to a tan Frog, part 33320. Exclusive to Chinese New Year set 80102-1!

Colour theory is key for your builds! Both dragons use a warm colour scheme to tie in with the Lunar New Year celebrations! Image shows both dragons side by side.   Each dragon has a colour palette below it, including each colour used in the build. Each colour is represented by a 1x1 brick. The red dragon’s colour palette features Red, Coral, Tan, White, Pearl Gold, Bright Light Orange, Dark Turquoise and Bright Pink. The orange dragon’s colour palette features Orange, Tan, Light Nougat, White, Pearl Gold, Bright Light Orange, Red and Medium Lavendar.   A colour wheel with each colour included around the circle is featured. The dragons mainly use analogue colours, which are similar shades on the colour wheel! Uses of Dark Turquoise and Medium Lavender stand out as unique contrasting highlights!

@Marius Herrmann on Flickr has created plenty of great brick-built creatures and characters! Check out their Flickr to see more of their work!  Images show a collection of MOCs created by Marius. Image shows a black and white raptor MOC. Image shows a brick-built Spider-Man Miles Morales MOC. Image shows a MOC of the Corrupted Monk from "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice".   What was your favourite detail?

Featured build by @Marius Herrmann on Flickr


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