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#2407 MONTH IN REVIEW: May 2024

This month we’ve seen many awesome MOCs and techniques, we began a number of special projects, and LEGO revealed a number of awesome sets! Team member Evo takes you through everything we’ve been up to this month!

We want YOUR feedback. Did this post inspire you to look back on what we’ve done this month? Comment your thoughts below!

#2407 MONTH IN REVIEW: May 2024.  Image of covers of many of the posts from this month. Image of a figure of a woman with glasses and brown hair. She is saying: “Hi, I’m Evo! In case you missed anything this month, here’s what we’ve been up to!”

Let’s Begin!  Introducing our new Beginner Series! This month we’ve already explored important LEGO terminology, and ways of sourcing and organising your collection! (Posts #2398 and #2406)  Images of covers of posts #2398, Lesson 1: Terminology and #2406, Lesson 2: Collections.  Evo says: “This May, we also launched our Patreon!”  Here are just some of the benefits of joining: Sneak peeks at upcoming content! Patreon-exclusive Discord server Submit questions for LEGO designer interviews! You can sign up to our Patreon NOW, just head to the link in our bio!

One Week to Rule Them All! Image of the top tower section of the LEGO Barad-Dur set, a spiky black tower with a flaming eye on top of it. To celebrate the announcement of 10333: Barad-Dûr, we made that week Lord of the Rings week!  Is that… DUPLO grass? See more NPUs in post #2393! Cover slide of post #2393, Technique Analysis, Very Old Friends by Eero Okkonen on Flickr  Find out some clever and totally unexpected ways to use the Ring in post #2394! Cover slide of post #2394, Favourite Brick Friday, 11010 Ring- Revisited!  Evo is holding the One Ring and saying “My preciouss.”  Cover slides of posts #2391, Set Reveal: Barad-Dur, and #2392 and #2395, Barad-Dur review part 1 and 2.

Set Reviews.  Something old, something new, something white, something blue! This month we blasted off in posts #2379 and #2399! Cover slides of posts #2379, Retired set review, 75293 Resistance I-TS Transport, and #2399 Set Review 60430 Interstellar Spaceship.  Post #2385 took us to Paris with a detailed breakdown of the new Notre Dame Cathedral, featuring insights from the designer! Cover slide of post #2385 set review 21061 Notre Dame de Paris.  Team member Adnan made sure to put sounds in post #2388, so you can really get a feel for the Retro Radio! Are you tuning in this June? Cover slide of post #2388 set review 10334 Retro Radio.  Is this a modular? NO! It’s a Friends set! The Castle B&B is our highest scoring set of the month! Find out why we love this set in our review, post #2405. Cover slide of post #2405 set review 42638 Castle Bed and Breakfast.

MOCs of the Month  Ready for some nice part uses? These Kung Fu Panda characters by @bricksized blew us away. Mantis was our favourite, which is yours?   Cover slide of #2386 MOC of the Week Kung Fu Panda by @bricksized. Evo is saying “@bricksized has instructions up for Po right now on Instagram!”  May the fourth be with you! Team member Pedro walked us through an entire saga of galactic MOCs for this year’s Star Wars Day. (Post #2381)  Cover slide of #2381 Happy May 4th!  Cover slides of posts #2403 Fred the Frog Adventures and #2397 Warhammer the Old World.

MOCs Analysed  Ever seen a lightsaber made using hands? Or how about a tree trunk built from blasters? In post #2389, you can find just how clever @choopyjups has been in their “Confrontation on Krant”. Cover slide of #2389 Technique Analysis confrontation on krant by @choopyjups.  In post #2401, team member Daniel explored how colour theory plays a part in the design of these dragons by Marius Herrmann on Flickr! Cover slide of #2401 Technique Analysis Dragon by Marius Herrmann on Flickr.  Evo is saying “Daniel is the voice behind many of our reels!”  Cover slides of posts #2384 Mediterranean Way by Koala Yummies and #2404 Temple of Huo Shen by @drdoddo.

Techniques Discussed A post pulled from the archive but still relevant and useful! Learn to write in post #2400! Cover slide of post #2400 Technique Discussion, your one-stop guide to LEGO lettering.  Post #2390 was all about chocolate! Some of these MOCs barely look like LEGO! Cover slide of post #2390 Technique Discussion, chocolate. Evo is holding some chocolate and saying “Is the food made of me, or am I made of food?”  Cover slides of posts #2380, Favourite Brick Friday Antenna small base without lever, #2387, Favourite Brick Friday, 1 by 3 by 1 doors and #2382, Technique discussion, Toilets

What do YOU think?  With ideas from many of us on the team, post #2383 explored LEGO compared to other hobbies, LEGO prices now compared to in the past, and reasons why LEGO is priced how it is. People in the comments had some really interesting points, they’re worth looking back and reading through! Cover slide of #2383 Discussion: is LEGO too expensive?  In post #2402, Jerry walked through just how useful the Rebrickable Database can be! Cover slide of #2402 Tips: Rebrickable Database features.  Evo is saying “Watch out tomorrow for the last post of May, a separation from what’s normal!”  Sneak Peek image of a christmas tree made of brick separators.  We want YOUR feedback! Did this post inspire you to take a look back at any posts you missed?  Let us know in the comments!


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