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#2408 FAVORITE BRICK FRIDAY: Brick Separators

An “extra” part that we so often discard can be a source of inspiration for many incredibly creative builds. Read this post before the brick separators take over!!

Builds by @gene3s @marathontomay @servator_bricks @frostbricks @artifice12 @mickemu @harrycallahann @allysongailbricks @the_bricked_cave @moptoptrev and Lionel GEVAERT and Didier Burtin on Flickr

2408 FAVORITE BRICK FRIDAY: Brick Separators. An “extra” part that we so often discard can be a source of inspiration for many incredibly creative builds. Read this post before the brick separators take over!!

About parts 6007, 96874, and 55819. From 1990 to 2011, the OG brick separator appeared in 81 sets over 21 years! The wider handle was difficult for tight spaces. From 2012 on, the new brick and axle separator is a staple part that has appeared in 1209 sets! From 2020 to 2022, The wide brick separator was put in the first Art sets to remove many 1x1 tiles and plates at once. This ultra rare green separator only appeared in two sets, 10233 Horizon Express and 10232 Palace Cinema. Do you own one?

The complex design of brick separators makes them great for vehicle builds. The grooves on the front and back add a similar texture usually achieved via greebling. A spaceship build by @marathontomay has pumpkins and separators bring a pop of orange. makes Green Goblin’s glider in 2 parts! The shape is perfect for wings, like in the planes by Lionel GEVAERT and Didier Burtin on Flickr.

A separator is long and thin, which is perfect for an animal tail or feathers!  Design your own creatures or replicate iconic characters!  @servator_bricks makes a cute and goofy orange creature that chews on leaves, with a brick separator as a tail. @artifice12 builds A LEGO Platypus? Perry the LEGO Platypus?! In this brickhead style build, the brick separator is also Perry’s tail. The crest of a cockatoo looks just like a separator, used in this MOC by @frostbricks. Spotted: the rare green separator! Used in alligator builds, again as a tail, by @mickemu and @harrycallahann.

Lionel GEVAERT on Flickr is a master of the brick separator, and we’re big fans of their work. We’re also big fans of the single-part build, and this Nike billboard above has genius NPU. The swoosh icon perfectly mirrors the brick separator! Below, the big brick separator is repeated for the awning of a bike rental shop.

Lionel also builds four big brick separators into film lights. Their trapezoidal shape angles the light for Mickey and Minnie from set 43179!

Allyson aka @allysongailbricks is another master of the brick separator - check out her wildly creative NPUs! These are some of our favorites. This menorah equals 10 sets worth of brick separators! There has never been more than 1 dark turquoise separator in a single set. Brick separators are found in the turkey’s tail and its wattle! One of the best sculpted LEGO hands we’ve seen uses brick separators for fingers. The grooves make wonderful wrinkles, and the LEGO logo is a delightful fingerprint. The thumb is made with a Skateboard deck, part 42511

These festive builds incorporate both types of green brick separators - the old and the rare! 32 old brick separators make the perfect circle for a brick built wreath by @allysongailbricks! Lionel GEVAERT on Flickr makes a tree using - Spotted: four of the rare green separator! To represent fallen snow, slopes are added where the separator flares out.

Brick to the future! These sci-fi builds use the intense colors of brick separators to add some flair to their futuristic MOCs.  A micro skyscraper by @the_bricked_cave has protruding architectural details. @moptoptrev builds the mascot for a brewing company, a robot, which is interpreted using brick separators for the robot’s body!

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