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#241 Monday's MOC of the Week: Hidden Home Park

This week's MOC feature is the Hidden Home Park, a modern underground building built inside a tranquil environment. It has been created by Sarah Beyer for the Swebrick contest Master Builder of the Year 2017. For more picture, check out this Flickr album:

The building blends incredibly well with the environment it is inserted in. Sarah has used many different shrubbery pieces and crafted the landscape with layers of plates. She has also incorporated some rock work made of slopes and some paths leading up to the path, and as these are in grey they contrast well to the bright green that is so prevalent in the rest of the MOC. Other spots of colour from the lime green and various coloured flowers help give contrast and provide the randomness of the natural environment. The pond included in the MOC also uses a simple yet interesting technique that I have never featured on Tips&Bricks before; using tiles for the middle and plates around the edges; and this looks great.

Moving onto the interior of the building, which can be viewed when the terrace is removed. This shows the slick and modern rooms with many clever parts uses, such as the stools and the Minecraft crafting bench printed 2x2 tile used as a picture on the wall. The colour scheme of sand green and tan works very well, and somewhat mimics the natural tones of the outside environment. A highlight for me is the transparent staircase, which leads up to the terrace outside.

A breath-taking build by Sarah with many amazing shots of the MOC. Make sure to check out the Flickr album above for 23 additional photos of the MOC.


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