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#248 Monday's MOC of the Week: Starkiller Base

This week's MOC feature is a diorama of Starkiller base, created by Elven Ranger on Flickr as part of the Star Wars MOCBattle series. You can check out the images in post here:

This entrance to the facility on the planet with the power to destroy whole star systems, may be small, but this is made up for with its incredible amounts of details and techniques used. The entrance itself uses various colours and textures to make the wall interesting, and to avoid the big grey wall. Techniques such as SNOT have been used to position dark grey plates in places reminiscent of imperial corridors such as those on the Death Star. Elven has included some clever part use, such as that of the spring loaded shooters (used for the door which you can spot if you look closely). For me, there is just the right amount of greebling and textures to make clean but still give detail.

And of course, the rock work and snow ahs been perfectly crafted to give a natural and rugged look. Many different sized slopes in dark grey, positioned at various angles depict the planet's terrain well and the snow natural covering these pieces; something that is hard to do with LEGO. I love how Elven has only covered some parts of rock with snow, and where he has, he has cleverly used tooth piece to show the snow in natural positions. 1x1 slopes are also dotted around, as well as some minifigure hands and tooth pieces in white, which blend in well but also give great texture to the surface.

An awesome build with so much detail from Elven Ranger; make sure to check out his other builds for other battle diaromas from Star Wars and other franchises such as Lord of the Rings:


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