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It's Sunday, so today I will be showcasing 6 ways you can add detail your MOCs; all of these can be used to make them more interesting. We will be looking at the 2017 UCS Millennium Falcon for references to these techniques. Let's take a look:

1. Contrasting colours - help break up the main colour scheme and add details such as rusting parts

2. Missing/discoloured parts - used inside of and beside flat areas to show details of where panels have come off and where the exterior has been discoloured

3. Round parts - help break up the rectangular pieces

4. Contrasting textures - using a mix of plates and tiles to create contrast between the two, represents bumps and rough parts of the exterior

5. Stickers - in this set, they are used to add details that are impossible to include with pieces, such as very small details. You can make your own custom stickers, so to me they are a technique that can be used in your MOCs (but this is subjective and just my opinion)

6. Grill pieces - these are useful pieces as they give a unique texture, and show the colour plate beneath them to create interesting details.


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