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#255 Monday's MOC of the Week: Hot Dog Stand

Today's MOC feature is street food themed; a Hot Dog Stand by Norton 74 on Flickr. Some of you may remember the last Hot Dog Stand I featured, but this one is quite different, with its clean and classic style. You can check out more images on Norton's Flickr here:

The hot dog stand itself isn't your classic brick built building; its uses a variety of sloped pieces as well as plates attached at angles to create an interesting shape. The Hot Dogs sign is a nice touch, which uses a custom sticker to show the text that would be hard to include with just small pieces. Other custom stickers used are on the CocaCola bottles and the menu, and make the build feel even more realistic. The stand also features some great part uses, such as the lights, the stools and the candy dispenser to name a few. As well as a stunning exterior, the interior shows a busy preparing space for the hot dogs, where there are yet more awesome details.

The surrounding street helps elevate this MOC to another level; with clever uses of the Hot Dog minifigure for the sign outside. Everything feels very real, with the road being mostly flat apart from a few dislodges tiles, a yellow car parked up, a telephone wiring hanging overhead and customers enjoying their freshly prepared hotdogs.

A super build by Norton 74 that's packed with fun details and great part uses; you can follow him on Flickr using the link above, and his Facebook here:


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