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#259 Favourite Brick Friday: 85976 Train, Track Plastic, Narrow, Curve

Today's favourite brick comes from an amazing MOC on Rebrickable from the designer Bjorn Schouten. His station MOC uses 12612 pieces, and was designed in 2016; you can check it out here:

The station's prominent feature is the curved roof, that utilizes the curved train tracks (piece number 53400) to great effect. Instead of just using the curve as a train track, the studs at various positions are utilised to attach other pieces; in this case the transparent windows.

This technique is great as it is strong yet simple, although it may be restricted to larger MOCs such as this one. You can check out how the MOC and this technique has constructed by following the link above, where there is a time-lapse of the build, as well as the simple construction of the roof.

The train track shown in the picture is one of such curved tracks that can be used for this technique.

Here is that piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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