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#260 TIPS: Building bases for landscape MOCs

When starting MOCs that require a flat base such as landscapes or buildings, it's important to have a solid base, a good place to start building up from. Today we will discuss some key points depending on the function and size of your MOC.

If you are building a small MOC (less than 48x48 studs), then you don't have to worry too much about the base. You can use an appropriately sized baseplate. If you want to incorporate lights or power functions, then it may be worth facilitating for this with some empty space in buildings or other brick-built spaces. Now lets move onto larger MOCs. These will be over 48x48 studs in size, and require much more planning. A MOC of this size needs structural reinforcement. You can make your MOC without baseplates where you would have to have a technic structure going throughout the base. Alternatively, you can build up on baseplates with normal and technic bricks and then connect these baseplates with technic pins. I highly recommend doing this, as you will be able to separate the MOC out into sections, for travel or just easy modifications.

In any case, I recommend building up from the baseplate by an appropriate amount of bricks. This allows you to add in technic bricks, but also has other benefits such as the addition of empty space for power functions, lighting or MOC features such as trenches. as seen in the picture, which is from a MOC by SolidBrix Studios. He is creating a Star Wars Crait MOC, and has built up around 6 bricks tall from the baseplate. This has allowed him to add in trenches, and connect the baseplates together for easy transport to conventions.

You can view his video here and check out his channel for the entire series of building Crait:


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