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It's Sunday, so today I will be showcasing 9 interesting and wacky techniques for lava. Lava isn't easy to create with LEGO, and although there are some LEGO pieces for fire, lava is similar to water in the sense that its hard to represent accurately. These techniques are from the Instagram page Elemental Lego, so make sure to follow them if you have an Instagram account:

Let's take a look at the techniques:

1. Rock incorporation - the transparent red pieces that represent the lava are built into grey slopes using SNOT bricks, to show flowing or erupting lava

2. Stud towers - studs are built up to different heights to show erupting lava

3. Tiled - transparent red tiles are used to create still lava, with black slopes showing where the lava has cooled.

4. Sideways studs - transparent red and orange studs are placed sideways, to show flowing lava

5. Transparent clips - neon orange transparent clips are used to create perfectly transparent lava

6. Marbling - different coloured plates have been attached together and positioned sideways to show the different colours of lava

7. "Cheese" slope - transparent 1x1 slopes are used to show sprays of lava

8. Bubbling lava - round tiles and pieces are used to show the bubbles of lava

9. Cooling lava - brown slopes show the cooled lava, while white bubble pieces show the smoke and gas being released


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