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#262 Monday's MOC of the Week: TIE Silencer

Today's MOC feature is a menacing ship flown by Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Its builder, Mirko Soppelsa, will be producing instructions very soon and has many other builds planned from his Ultimate Collector Series. You can get more pictures from his album on Flickr here:

The TIE Silencer was a prototype starfighter that Kylo Ren field tested during the war between the First Order and the Resistance. It's stylish and sleek exterior has been accurately recreated by Mirko, using a combination of technic bars, slopes and hinges to create the wings. The technic elements also make them super strong, as well as allowing additional bricks be integrated, adding further detail and texture. The entire ship looks very sleek, because of the many slopes used, and some are positioned at angles using ball joints, towards the rear of the starfighter. This transitions well into the engine, which can accurately glow red.

This model is set apart from others because of its Ultimate Collector Series scale, and the details it includes. The weapons: laser cannons and missile launchers, have been created perfectly, with a mixture of technic parts. The area connecting the wings is also well detailed, with clever part use to make the surface look mechanical. A section of the starfighter can also be removed, to give an insight into how the plates attach. Panels can also be lifted up to reveal some of the best greebling I have ever seen!

Finally, the interior of the ship includes multiple control panels and a comfy seat for Kylo to relax in when he's blowing up Resistance scum. This can be accessed two ways; a hinged overhead panel or by opening the cockpit from the front.

This is the second build in Mirko's Ultimate Collector Series models, after the U-Wing. Check out his profile for that build as well as some great shots of official UCS sets:


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