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#263 TECHNIQUES - Intricate Column

Today's technique is from Marcos Bessa on Flickr, who has put together a great design for a column in his Ancient Lady's Museum MOC.

Marcos uses many clever techniques to build up the column. He starts with a square base, and then attaches 1x1 SNOT bricks with stud on all dies. this allowed him to build on all sides, and add 1x1 cylinders. The outer tiles are then attached, as well as rail pieces. These rail pieces are 2 studs by 1 and a half, so fill in the gaps nicely.

To finish off the column, a 2x2 modified round plate with bars (piece number 30033) is used, and clips are attached to it. 2x2 corner plates then slot in to each other well attached to the clips, and the column is done.

You can follow Marcos Bessa here:


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