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#266 Favourite Brick Friday: 19119 Plant Flower Stem with Bar and 6 Stems

This week's favourite is the 6 stemmed plant, which can be used in MOCs as part of a natural landscape. The part has come in 19 sets, with most of those being from the Creator line. The piece's unique 6 stems allows you to attach flower pieces and create a colourful plant.

This piece can also be used in a interesting technique by the builder Full Plate on Flickr. Using the 6 stems, you can loosely attach 2x2 round plates with axle hole. These round plates allow you to build in all directions, and build up foliage to create a microscale tree. 1x2 plates can be added on top, and even though there is no connection, it covers the top well and looks great.

This technique can be seen in Full Plate's MOC, Avalonian Countryside, which you can view here:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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