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#273 Favourite Brick Friday: 27928 Wedge, Plate 2 x 2 Pentagonal with Center Stud

This week's favourite is a very new addition to the part collection of many builders; the 2x2 pentagon. This piece has only appeared in 3 sets to date, all of which have been from the Minecraft theme, but I am hopeful that the piece will be included in a lot more sets in the coming years.

This piece is unique, as not only is it an interesting shape, but it has a central stud. These features allow for some great techniques, such as positioning plates and tiles at 45 degrees to create a flower box, as seen in the picture. The 2x2 pentagon can also be used nicely with the other triangular pieces on offer. The possibilities beyond this are extensive with the piece being great for a range of uses in many different MOCs.

Credit to New Elementary for the pictures. Check out their article here:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:,%20Plate%202%20x%202%20Pentagonal%20with%20Center%20Stud%20and%201%20x%201/2%20Raised%20Tab%20on%20Top&category=%5BWedge,%20Plate%5D#T=S&C=88&O={"color":"88","iconly":0}


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