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#274 FEATURE: Insight into a professional MOC

I find it very useful to look through instructions, whether it's from official LEGO sets or custom models. Seeing how the designer has started off with the inner structure, and what pieces they use that allow them to create the stunning exterior of the models is very useful when constructing your own MOCs.

Today's share is from Inthert on Flickr, an amazing builder who has produced some brilliant models. My favourites are definitely his X-Wing (which I think is the best ever designed in LEGO) and his U-Wing. He has made instructions for this U-Wing, which utilises many different techniques such as advanced SNOT, plate marbling, building upside down, clip-tile connections and lots more.

Here is the link to the album on Flickr, which I recommend you check out for inspiration in your own MOCs:…/inthert/36263583381/in/photostream/


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