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#280 Favourite Brick Friday: 2850 Technic Engine Cylinder

I'm always on the look out for pieces I've never seen before, and I came across this week's favourite piece when sorting though some bulk LEGO I bought. I had never seen the piece before but knew it could be useful in a MOC.

The piece is called a Technic Engine Cylinder and the two versions of the pieces have come in 111 sets since the part was first used in 1990. The two versions are very similar, with the any real difference being the slot in the older version.

So how can you use this piece in your MOC? Well as part of the technic family, it can be used in conjunction with technic pins and bricks. The unique grills on the side of the piece make it unique and great for adding detail.

What's also intriguing about this piece is the hole that runs throughout it. It is used in sets to simulate a working engine, when combined with various other technic pieces as seen in the picture so can be used effectively in a vehicle MOC. I'm sure this hole could be utilized for a number of other ideas, such as a technic axle running through it. Anyone got any more thoughts on what it could be used for?

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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