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#281 TIPS: Focused MOCs

Today I want to discuss the concept of basing your MOCs scaling solely on one specific piece or section.  

This involves the builder choosing one piece or focusing in on a specific area to use in their MOC that will determine the scale of the whole build. It is beneficial to do this as it gives a focus of the MOC, especially if the piece used is unique. It can also make things much easier if you find the right piece for a hard to achieve angle or slope, that is perfect when using this piece but would be hard to do at another scale.

Sometimes it's crystal clear which piece the builder started with, as it could be a particularly unique or interesting piece. But sometimes it can be hard to tell, although it is a common technique used by builders when starting their MOCs.

An example of someone who uses this in their own MOCs is Swan Dutchman Brick Creations who revealed this in the Q&A he did with me in February. In that interview, he talked about how he focused in on one piece or a small section of the builds pictured and went from there: "The black dish with handle reminded me a lot of Mickey Mouse ears and that part was the starting point of that MOC. For the Barad-dur I first build the top of the tower with the Eye till I got that right. From there I build the rest of the fortress in scale with the top section."

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