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#283 Monday's MOC of the Week: LL 228 Long Range Scout

Today's MOC feature is a retro space themed build by Alec Hole on Flickr. Check out his profile here:

This amazing model was inspired by an suggested build in the "200 Lego Ideas Book" from 1985. There aren't instructions for this ship in the book, but it gave Alec the inspiration to make a updated and aesthetically pleasing model.

Firstly, the retro space theme colours make this build bright and attractive; you've got to love the classic bright blue, light bluish grey and transparent yellow combination. The top face of the ship shows a clean surface and the build transitions well into the detachable and fully equipped escape pod.

The real detail in this model however can be seen when the ship is turned over. Alec has incorporated some stunning detail, and this shows great use of parts. I particularly like the look of the textures provided by the various engine pieces and the hydraulic tubing running along the edge of the ship. As well as this, using lightsaber hilts, droid arms and a variety of technic and round pieces all add to the organized mess of mechanical greebles.

Make sure to check out Alec's Flickr above for more builds in the retro space theme as well as some awesome moon bases!


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