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#286 TECHNIQUES - Angling

Today we'll be looking at the piece 43710 Wedge 4 x 2 Triple Left (three surfaces) circled in the picture. The piece is super useful, but only at certain scales, as you can see from the picture that when multiple are using, the edges are not defined and the build doesn't look great: it could be better.

To try and make a better version tried using one 1x4 swivel hinge and two 1x2 hinge brick, to position a 3x6 wedge plate and emit the exact angles of the original piece. The edges line up well, but the technique would be hard to integrate cleanly into any MOC.

Next I decided to focus on only one hinge, and used one 1x2 hinge brick. This, coupled with some headlights bricks to position slopes at the perfect angle, lines up much better to recreate the original piece.

This technique of angling the pieces using 1 hinge brick, headlight bricks and slopes is very effective and can be adapted using a range of angles and pieces: lots of experimenting will go into it but the end result is pretty good!


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