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It's Sunday, so today I will be showcasing 6 interesting styles from MOCs on Flickr that you can use for bridges. They can sometimes be hard to capture in LEGO, with a limited range of curved pieces builders choose to use techniques to achieve their desired aesthetics:

1. Ball joints with 1x1 plates - ball joints are used to create a rounded bridge, with 1x1 plates used to cover the gaps created by the joints - by Matt Hew

2. Log bridge - 1x4 tiles and palm tree elements are lined up to create a bridge over a river by Tommy M

3. 1x2 plate bending - semi-circular arches in the bridge are created by loosely attaching 1x2 plates to one another by Andreas

4. Lower brick bending - 1x3 bricks are combined with 1x1 cylinders to create a curved interior shape that tiles can be attached to by Priovit70 on Flickr

5. Plates in arches - 1x6 plates with a 1x4 tile on top have been inserted into the gap of the arches to create a curved bridge - by Deborah Higdon

6. Upper brick bending - a curved road surface which allows vehicles o drive over smoothly is created by loosely attaching bricks - created by Rare Brick Sets


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