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#294 Favourite Brick Friday: 4081 1x1 Modified Plate with Clip Light - Thick Ring

This week's favourite brick is the 1x1 modified plate with ring that may be small, but when used multiple times can make for some super strong connections for interesting techniques.

The ring on the plate can be used to attach pieces, with a 1 plate gap created between the two attached pieces. This means that if the piece is used to position bricks upside the down, the piece can be concealed by filling in the gap with plates as well as providing a strong connection if multiple are used.

The piece can also be used to space out bricks, as seen in the picture. The pieces are connected to two 1x1 plates, and when bricks are attached to the ring of the 1x1 modified plate, a small aesthetic gap is created. This can be perfect for adding in small details to your model that would otherwise be impossible.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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