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#296 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Cockpit details

It's Sunday, so today I will be showcasing 4 interesting cockpit details. Interior detailing in cockpits of starships and starfighters can elevate your MOC to another level to get you noticed by the community, so lets look at 4 different cockpits and analyse the pieces used:

1. U-Wing by Inthert - this cockpit features some great steering joysticks for two minifigures to steer the transport with, as well as a ladder leading up to the pilot's chairs:

2. H-90 Falcon by Jon Hall - this cockpit features a comfy looking leather seat, joystick and plenty of controls:

3. 75144 Snowspeeder UCS - this official set from The LEGO Group may not be minifigure scale, but has some interesting details with a wide range of parts used such as binoculars. They come together to create an attractive and detailed interior for the speeder's cockpit.

4. Y-Wing by Inthert - this cockpit may look cramped, but it makes up for it with unique controls, made from lever pieces attached to grill tiles. You can also see some exposed pipes as well as a back rest for the pilot:


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