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#297 Monday's MOC of the Week: Temple

Today's MOC feature is the "Temple in the Jungles of Celestia" by Jonas Wide on Flickr. Check out his original post here:

I chose this MOC as this week's feature because of the insane detail included by Jonas. The temple itself look weathered, dilapidated and abandoned thanks to the texture of the walls provided by the 1x2 masonry bricks. Seemingly the perfect mixture of olive green and light bluish grey parts make for a pleasing and atmospheric palette. These colours are further complimented by uses of both dark and bright green, which gives the build a vibrancy and look great on the ground and the steps leading up to the temple.

Despite the focus on the main structures, the surrounding environment around the temple has not been shunned to one side, with some interesting designs for vegetation. I particularly enjoy the splash of colour brought to the model by the bright pink tree, which brings a little life to the forgotten buildings.

Other details that are worth acknowledging are the waterfall, excellently crafted palm trees, great use of whips for the other trees and finally the surrounding border that Jonas has created which further carries on the scene by showing the ground and walls.

All together, this is one of my personal favourite MOCs that I've ever seen. Make sure to check out Jonas' Flickr above for more awesome builds from a variety of themes.


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