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#299 Design concept: SNOT

Updated: May 1, 2021

After deciding to change the topic of Wednesday's posts, I have settled on revisiting design concepts after the poll suggested more techniques.

These post will aim to go over basic and in the future advanced general techniques, that have previously been covered on the page, but only in our early days when we didn't have as many followers. I will also try to include an advanced tip for all those who are a little more experienced.

So today's post will be about a core technique for building: SNOT. If you have never heard of this acronym, it stands for Studs Not On Top, and simply means you are building bricks without their studs facing up. This will not only allow you to create shapes more accurately as you aren't limited to one frame, but expand this technique to facilitate for other more advanced techniques.

Pictured our some bricks that are useful for SNOT building. There are three types: bricks, brackets and plates. Note there are lots of other ways to build sideways, but these pieces allow you to do it easily.

For those experienced builders, SNOT is a chance to get creative. You don't just have to use the generic SNOT bricks provided, you can come up with interesting part uses to position bricks on their sides.

Pictured is an example of binoculars used in combination with a SNOT brick and hinges, arranged so that bricks can be attached in an octagonal shape.


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