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#302 TIPS: Comparison of 1x1 technic brick with half pin and 1x1 SNOT brick

Today we will be comparing the two ways of accomplishing the same thing, using a 1x1 modified brick w/ stud on the side and a 1x1 technic brick +half pin. These two can be used for the same purpose, to attach pieces on their sides, but did you know they are actually slightly different?

Yes, in fact, the technic brick's hole is higher than the modified brick. It may not be by much as you wouldn't notice it when building, but it's certainly there. This has been confirmed by an official LEGO designer who made this document on illegal connections that you can view here:

So now that we know they are different, what's the difference in how they are used? Well the modified brick will give a stronger connection, while the technic brick will allow you to rotate the attached pieces easily. The technic brick is also more versatile as you can exchange the half pin for other technic pins or studs.

The technic brick also has a hole through it, allowing you to attach a bar through it where you can't for the modified brick. This means that the modified brick can be used when you don't want a gap to show on the other side.

Finally, thanks to everyone over on our community group for their input into the topic!


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