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It's Sunday, so today I will be showcasing 6 floor techniques. You could just leave the floor of your MOC with studs or add some tiles, but if you have the space to do so, some builders try and come up with unique floor designs to add flavour to their MOCs. Let's look at 6 of these and analyse them:

1. SNOT flooring - this involves positioning pieces on their sides to get a smooth flooring that is easy to add details to by using different coloured plates.

MOC by Paul Trach:

2. Jumper flooring - this technique uses the 1x2 "jumper" plate to angle 1x2 tiles and create a brick-like flooring

MOC by Ben Weston:

3. Cheese slope mosaics - this positions different coloured 1x1 "cheese" slopes on their sides to create a floor mosaic

MOC by Scott Stasiuk:

4. Angled tiles - similar to the jumper technique, this uses 2x2 tiles angled with jumper plates, but a much smaller gap is creates, giving a cleaner design which is perfect for home interiors

MOC by RareBrickSets:

5. Wedge tiles - this uses wedge tiles and other normal tiles in a unique and creative way to create patterns that simulate carpets.

6. Textured flooring by Simon NH- this technique creates a textured floor, utilising the unique pattern of the underside of the 2x2 modified brick with grooves.

MOC by Patrick B:


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