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#304 Monday's MOC of the Week: Sandtrooper and Dewback

Today's MOC feature is the Sandtrooper and Dewback by LEGO7 on Flickr. Check out his post here:

I chose this MOC as this week's feature because of the shaping that LEGO7 has managed to achieve, which instantly makes these models recognizable from Star Wars Episode 4. He has done this by using a variety of sloped parts for the dewback, and the sections help give a texture to show the creature's rough skin. I enjoy the little details included such as the eye made from a bright yellow antenna base, and the saddle for the sandtrooper. LEGO 7 has also edited the dark grey bricks to be closer to the olive green that would be a better match for the dewback, but unfortunately LEGO does not reduce enough parts in olive green to make it a physical reality.

The dewback of course is only half of the build, with the sandtroopers in perfect scale to their transport. The two imperial soldiers have also been crafted extremely well, with great shaping of their helmets and flexibility of their movements, thanks to a mixture of hinge pieces. The integration of tan coloured parts helps make the troopers look dirty and gives nice detail to the otherwise spotless armour. Finally, the construction of their weapons and equipment shows great attention to detail and part use.

Make sure to check out LEGO7's other creations on his Flickr account above, and follow him if you haven't already!


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